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Solar, Energy, EV Charger and Data Center: Today, China is the largest market in the Renewable Energy, EV Vicle and Data Center also  produces the most products. We import and supply competitive Chinese Solar Module, Rack, Inverter, Cabinet,  ESS, Electric Car Charger and Data Center with proven quality and delivery condition.

Chinese Steel Pipe: China has the overwhelming share about half of the
worlds steel production. Nowadays quality as well as competitive price has made great progress. We are concentrating to import and sell Chinese steel products to meet the various demands of Korean customers.

For last 20 years, Chinese steel makers invested huge amount of money. The equipments of Chinese steel mill are brand new. Their technology also top of the art. We, Pipesell imports Chinese steel & stainless pipes not only from the biggest pipe maker in the world but also the corporation who stocks nearly all of the Chinese made metal pipes with top competitive price and conditions.

Chinese Alloy Steel Products: We import Chinese-made alloy rods, alloy steel pipes, alloy steel plates, alloy steel wires and continuous casting alloy round billet and sell them to Korean machinery manufacturers.

Japanese Steel Products: There are lot of steel pipes & stainless pipes specification. Lot of diameter, wall thickness and length. Its totally impossible for one metal pipe dealer to stock all of the pipes in Korea. We could supply all of the pipes produced by Japan and China pipe makers through our Pipesell system.

You could purchase all kinds of steel pipe, round bar, steel plates and other precision metal products including S45C, STKM13A here pipesell.com. All ways low price, very small material loss and very quick delivery through Japanese steel corporation who has more than 30,000tons of JIS steel and stainless pipes.

You can order only one item or multiple items from 6mm OD to 426mm OD in case of the Seamless Pipe. You can reduce the cost and the processing fees significantly for removing the unnecessary thickness because you can choose a variety of specifications (Diameter and Thickness) what you want.

Terms and Conditions

Quality assurance, shall be JIS, ASTM and GB (China National Quality Standards). Generally Mill sheets are attached all of the Products which we sell.

The minimum quantity per order is more than 1000Kg and the deadline is from 7days to 15days. Separate agreement is necessary in case that the quantity of the order is less than 1000Kg.

However, circumstances beyond control are exceptional. For example, natural disasters or shipping circumstances.

Price is determined by an agreement and special discount would be applied when you buy large quantity.

Pipesell is a steel pipe division of Palbang Corporation. It was established in 2005. All businesses are treated by Palbang Corporation as usual.Pipesell is a steel pipe division of Palbang Corporation. It was established in 2005. All businesses are treated by Palbang Corporation as usual.